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Southside Chicago native Sunshine Lombre is a freelance dancer specializing in Contemporary, Heels, Bellydancing, and other forms of feminine movement. Some of her main inspirations are the Alvin Ailey Company, Willi Ninja,Yanis Marshall, Tricia Miranda. Danielle Polanco and 90's R&B music. She is very passionate about studying various styles of dance. She enjoys discovering different motions, and gestures that can be used to display the same emotion. Once a student at Hyde Park School of Dance, and a member of Hip-Notic dance team while studying at the University of Illinois, Sunshine is now a freelance performer while working with Design Dance as a teaching artist. She has performed  at several different venues around Chicago such as "The Metro", "Uptown Underground," "The Call", "SideTrack," among several others. 


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