Pre-save "FAding Away


debut single:

 "Now's not the time to be neutral" out now!

"It's the most graceful call to action I've ever heard"


“I had many wishes while writing this song. With this piece, my hope is that it will inspire non-Black people to take action by doing what they can to support and protect Black people."

-Sunshine Lombre

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bio :

Sunshine Lombre is a Southside Chicago poet and dancer who utilizes creative writing and spoken word heighten both a sense of self- awareness as well as empowerment amongst the communities that she serves or performs in. She believes in using maintaining a tradition of using the arts not only to tell our story but also to educate and encourage communities to take charge of their households and neighborhoods and ornate their surroundings with love. Sunshine specializes in capturing the beauty, grit, integrity and other captivating aspects of a single moment in her work. 

Sunshine began writing at 10 years old and began competing in the local "Louder than a Bomb" competitions during her time in high school. While at Lindblom's poetry team, she also regularly attended writing workshops at the Harold Washington's Library's YouMedia center, where she  was coached by mentors who were active performers also including  some national known guest instructors who've performed on Def Poetry Jam like Shannon Matesky. While studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Sunshine continued to take poetry classes and attended performance workshops by "W.O.R.D.," the campus' spoken word club.

Now Sunshine performs poetry and choreography various shows throughout the Midwest Area while also curating seasonal artist showcases based around Black heritage. The most recent artist showcases that she's curated include: "Celebrating All Things Chocolate" at the Frontline Distribution Bookstore during Black History Month 2019 and "The Griot" at Some Like it Black Creative Arts Bar during Juneteenth 2019.  Some the past venues she's performed at have included Bantu Fest, The Promontory, Untitled Supper Club, The Argyle Night Market, The Refuge, Hairpin Art Center, The Woodlawn, KaLab, Tangent Art Gallery and many more. Sunshine strives to share her passion for Spoken Word and choreography while uplifting Black communities worldwide through teaching creative writing classes through the Chicago Public Library system.